Show some respect

For all the mom groups, that hang out near the Kindergarten rooms.  When you see the parents of upper graders, show some respect. These are the parents that came before you and paved the way. They may walk around and act like you don’t matter but it’s because they have been in your shoes. They fully understand that you are making your way through not knowing where you fit in. They know that there will be some of you that will attempt to make a mark on your child’s campus. They know that some of you will be sitting in on meetings that they organized when there was no organization. While they do appreciate your position, each one has already bled for their cause, fought the mean teachers, broke down the Principals so that your experience is a little bit better. If you feel they don’t give you the courtesy to say hello to you it’s because by the time your child is in sixth grade, you will already have made the allies you need.  So with that, do your time,  be friendly with those that will undoubtedly become an ally to you very soon. Show respect to the parents that walk as though they are badass. For all you know, they could be at the top of their game in mommy world.  And if you are luck enough to snag a friend because they have younger siblings. Those are the ones that will give you the truth about which teachers can work with your child, which yard duty has issues, whether that Levi club is worth it, or which Coach will be any good for your player.  Have fun out there, and check it out.


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